Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cheeseboard & Simple Pleasures

I mentioned Cheeseboard briefly in my last post and decided that it deserves it's own. Cheeseboard is a Berkeley landmark and rightfully so. Their full history can be found on their website but suffice it to say that they've been making pizza for over 20 years now and in the business of bread and cheese 20 years before that although the pizza and the cheese/bread part of the store are two separate collectives now. They serve lunch and dinner five days a week (closed on Sundays and Mondays) and serve only one pizza a day. That one pizza is always vegetarian, always made with high quality cheese and other ingredients and always divine.

Cheeseboard is hands down one of my favorite reasons for living in Berkeley. It's always a pleasure going to Northside and walking along Shattuck, past the epicurean garden and Chez Panisse, seeing the people and the sights like the dog who carries a baguette around and then standing in line listening to live jazz and anticipating the hot, fresh pizza that you know is going to be oh so good.

Most of the time I enjoy the pizza in the store or immediately outside where they have tables and benches. From here I get to enjoy the music of the many jazz musicians who play there daily. When seating isn't available there the median divider in the middle of Shattuck is always popular. And on some special occasions, when the weather is nice enough and I have enough self control not to inhale my pizza and inflict cheese burns on the roof of my mouth, I will take my pizza and enjoy it from atop the Berkeley hills. The view is breathtaking on clear sunny days and it really makes you appreciate living in the Bay Area.

The Cheeseboard Pizza Collective
1512 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA. 94709

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krizias@gmail.com said...

I love Cheeseboard Pizza! Sometimes, I have a cupcake at Love at First Bite after I've had a slice of pizza and some root beer or Orangina. Have you been to Love at First Bite?